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Affordable Denture Options.

How much do dentures cost? Dr. Ralli has a solution that works for every need and budget .

Natural Look Dentures.

We offer affordable dentures with long-lasting, high-quality components that improve chewing, look natural, and function optimally.

I think we can agree everyone wants natural-looking dentures. Fake-looking dentures are unattractive. It's a matter of getting natural-looking dentures at an affordable price.

The denture's teeth need to look natural; that's a given, but the base has to look natural too, and if the dentures don't fit, they will look fake nevertheless.

Modeling natural dentures requires an understanding of proportion, color, natural tooth aesthetics, and the art of dentistry.

Cheap dentures that are mass-manufactured use the same material for both the teeth and the base. Low-grade materials and ill-fit due to the standardization of mass-production produce a marginal match that won't complement the geometry and aesthetics of an individual's face.

A proper natural-looking denture has appropriate color variation in the gums and teeth. Perhaps the key difference is the fit. Not too large or small so that the dentures don't cause the face to distort, neither swelled outward or collapsed inward. No odd tilt or weird angles, and they must not reveal themselves by slipping or clicking.

Dr. Ralli offers dentures that look natural and are affordable. Book an appointment today, come in to discuss all of the options.

Full Arch Dentures, New and Repairs

A full arch denture is a removable tooth replacement option for those who need all their teeth replaced. Dr. Ralli can craft a denture to accommodate the patient's characteristics (tooth shape and color).

If you already have dentures (partial or full arch), you may be experiencing a loose fit or denture slipping. A lousy fit can lead to gum sores, affect your chewing and speech, and decrease your confidence when speaking and laughing with others. Dr. Ralli can help restore your dentures to the correct fit.

Implant Supported Dentures

We can treat almost anyone in need by replacing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth, no matter what the situation may be.

The Implant-Supported Denture is a revolutionary process for replacing a loose denture, missing, broken, or failing teeth with an ultramodern implant-supported restoration.

Unlike other tooth replacement options, the technology used in our procedures allows us to permanently provide a new set of functional teeth that are almost as good as natural teeth.

Dental Implant Supported Snap-In Dentures

Implants allow you to wear full and partial dentures without fear that they will slip or fall out. A "snap-in" denture is an implant-supported, removable denture. The snap-in feature is available for upper or lower dentures. Having implant-supported dentures allows for the base of the denture to be made much smaller and more comfortable. Implant-supported dentures enhance chewing and speaking. Never again will you have to worry about your denture falling out when you eat, laugh, or talk. You will regain chewing function and enjoy some forgotten foods.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are placed in the mouth immediately after you have all your natural teeth extracted. Immediate dentures allow you to leave the office without the awkwardness of having no teeth while the gums heal from the extraction.

The denture is fit to conform to your mouth at the moment impressions were taken. However, your gums will change drastically over the next few months, and the dentures may rub against the gums, causing some soreness until the denture is adjusted. In addition, most patients will require a realignment of their dentures within the first few months due to the gums shrinking from teeth extraction. Another benefit of immediate dentures is that the dentures act as a bandage to the extraction sites, which covers the tooth sockets and prevents them from becoming irritated. Just remember, never remove the denture yourself, even for a brief moment, unless your dentist has instructed you. The gums tend to swell when uncovered, and if you are without your dentures for a little while, they may never go back in.

Over Denture

An over denture fits on top of natural teeth or dental implants. Many patients suffer from ill-fitting and loose dentures that move or even fall out when speaking or eating. One way of solving this problem is to construct a dental plate that goes over and attaches to something underneath it. Keeping a few natural teeth or placing dental implants in the bone under the denture also helps keep the jaw bone healthy. Dental implants avoid much of the natural jaw bone loss often seen after removing teeth. Traditional over dentures go over natural teeth. Dr. Ralli can provide a denture that goes over and attaches to one or both cuspids. Implants supported over dentures fit on top of dental implants. A retainer bar or retention balls on the implants and special attachments are inserted into the denture to grab onto these retention devices. A new method using mini implant dentures is becoming increasingly popular. Mini implants are very thin, long titanium implants that screw into the jaw bone. Dr. Ralli can often retrofit existing dentures to work with mini implants.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are composed of a metal framework with plastic teeth and gum areas. The framework includes metal clasps or other attachments, which hold the denture in place. Partial dentures are removed easily for cleaning.

Clasps are C-shaped, I-shaped, and Y-shaped parts of the denture framework that fit neighboring natural teeth. These teeth may require shaping to help hold the clasps and keep the denture securely in place.

Why A Partial Denture?

A partial denture may not be the best option for replacing missing teeth, but it is the least expensive tooth replacement option compared to a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Benefits include:

  • Restore some biting and chewing ability
  • Better speech and pronunciation vs. having no teeth
  • Restore physical changes in your face, mouth, and lips that were present without teeth
  • Bring back a more attractive appearance when smiling

Alternatives To Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are not the only means of replacing a missing tooth. Below are two other tooth replacement options that will outlast a partial denture and provide a more durable solution.

Dental implants are a permanent alternative to partial dentures and bring additional benefits that dentures cannot provide and will outlast standard dentures. In addition, dental implants will replace the entire tooth (the tooth root and the crown), which eliminates bone deterioration and brings the same strength and durability as your original tooth.

Fixed bridges are another tooth replacement option that is typically more durable and a more permanent solution than denture arches. A bridge spans the length of at least three teeth to replace a missing tooth or teeth in between. Bridges are cheaper than dental implants but do not offer all the same benefits compared to replacing a missing tooth with an implant.

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