Dental Deep Cleaning

What Is a Dental Deep Cleaning and Why Is It Necessary?

The dentist or hygienist will measure your gum pockets during an exam by inserting the fine blunt end of a small ruler-like tool called a periodontal probe into the space between your tooth and gum. The hygienist measures gum pockets in several places around the tooth and documents any gum bleeding. Excessively deep pockets or bleeding is a sign of gum disease, more specifically periodontitis.

Regular teeth cleaning concentrates on treatment at and above the gum line, where a dental hygienist uses a scaler to remove plaque and tartar above the gums and between teeth. Dental Deep Cleaning removes the bacteria below the gums. During a deep cleaning, we will numb the areas of your gums where we are working, which will keep you from feeling any discomfort during the procedure. Our office uses a modern ultrasonic device that will provide the most comfortable deep cleaning possible. The tooth surfaces below the gum line is planed and smoothed, allowing the gums to reattach themselves to the tooth structure.

Each person's oral health is unique. The teeth and gums' stage and condition will dictate how challenging a deep cleaning will be and how long it takes to heal. Usually, a deep cleaning is done one-half of the mouth at a time—with an average treatment healing in a day or two. Dr. Ralli may recommend taking medications to help control soreness, prevent infections, and promote healing.

Is Root Planing Covered by Dental Insurance?

Every dental insurance provider is different in some ways. Many set a specific limit per year for dental coverage and include general cleanings and dental x-rays. Still, the cost for a deep cleaning can exceed the limit, so it is essential to check.

We will be very happy to work with your dental insurance provider to see if you're covered for a deep cleaning. Call us at 916-773-0800 and let us know who your dental provider is and we can get some questions answered right over the phone and then schedule an appointment to have your come into our office for an evaluation.

How Much Does Root Planing Cost?

Fortunately, if you are left paying for a deep cleaning yourself, it is an affordable procedure that will help keep your teeth and gums their healthiest. We can work with you to come up with an easy way to pay for a deep cleaning. Please visit our payment and financing options page to learn more or call us directly at 916-773-0800 or even request an appointment and come in to discuss your payment and financing options.

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