Roseville’s Reliable Take Home Teeth Whitening

Home Whitening

The most popular type of home teeth whitening involves applying a gel whitening solution, which usually contains hydrogen peroxide, in a tray that resembles a mouthguard. Over-the-counter mouthpieces are unlikely to fit precisely and can allow the gel to irritate gums if the whitening agent leaks. The gel and tray cover the teeth. The tray says on from an hour or two to overnight.

Ask Dr. Ralli about Roseville’s most dependable take home teeth whitening kit.

DIY vs. Dentist-provided Home Whitening Kits

There is a difference between the teeth whitening kits you can get from the supermarket and the high-strength home whitening kits our office can provide. Store-bought do-it-yourself whitening kits feature a "boil-and-fit" mouthpiece that can be uncomfortable and leaky. The leaky mouthpiece requires a lower strength gel to limit irritation. The weaker gel needs extra applications to achieve a pleasing result.

Woodcreek Dentistry offers kits that include a custom-made exact-fit whitening tray that maximizes the displacement and effectiveness of the gel so that it envelopes the teeth evenly. The gel is more potent, so you get a more profound and longer-lasting result in less time.

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What Causes Tooth Stains

The outer-most layer of your tooth, the enamel, is what becomes stained or discolored and consequently bleached during teeth whitening treatment. The tooth's enamel is quite porous when observed up close. Tiny microscopic particles lodge themselves into the porous enamel layer of your teeth, causing discoloration. Coffee, tea, colas, wine, dark fruits and vegetables, and inadequate brushing and flossing can cause the tooth's enamel to stain.

Woodcreek Dentistry offers professional whitening that eliminates stains and discoloration by blasting out the particles within the porous layer and effectively bleaching the enamel.

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