First Visit

Your first appointment, here is what to expect.

New patients receive a COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION, including a screening for oral cancer, gum and bone disease, blood pressure, systemic disorders, and the team will take X-rays as needed. Established patients get a REGULAR ORAL EXAM to determine any dental and health status changes since the previous visit.

The exam includes a hygienist measuring gum tissue pocket depth between the tooth and the connective gum tissue around the tooth with a fine instrument ruler calibrated in millimeters. Pocket depths more than 4 millimeters could indicate gum disease and infection. The deeper the pocket, the greater the extent plaque bacteria collect. Overly deep pockets enable gum disease to develop.

The team will take X-rays as needed.

Tooth scaling and root planing occur as needed.

Routine cleanings also include professional polishing (Prophy). Rough tooth surfaces allow plaque to take hold and begin hardening into harmful tartar. After a thorough cleaning, the hygienist uses a polishing tool to smooth and shine the teeth. The smooth surface resists plaque and keeps teeth looking their best.

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